14th of Februari 2017: Workshop Ladiesstyle “Embellishments” by Ayelén Quiroga!

The first kiss by Bouguereau14th of Februari 2017

Special Workshop Ladiesstyle “Embellishments”

by Ayelén Quiroga!

men assist the women in this class

There will be open classes all evening in Happy Valentine Milonga atmosphere! Bring your friends!



19:00h > free practica < 24:00h
19:15h > open class all levels
20:15h > workshop “Embellishments”
21:15h > open class all levels

Open classes all evening in milonga atmosphere! Your teacher: Ayelén Quiroga <3 Registration: Siri Ghoundi 06 50861851 info@dansnkafe.com | danszaal Olympia | Henk van Turnhoutpad 1 – 2034 JL Haarlem

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